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Multifunctional Cooking

for Professionals

Exclusive Ranges’ latest partner, JIPA International, manufactured in the Czech Republic, offers a wide range of electric multifunctional cookers for the professional kitchen in a variety of sizes, depending on the needs of the individual catering facility.

With pans from the Jump 101DS and its capacity of 2x 29 litres, through to the Jump 251 with a capacity of 250 litres, there’s a cooker for every sector.

Energy Saving

Time Saving

Water Saving

For simplified cooking, frying, grilling and more, the JIPA range of multifunctional cookers will save time, resources, water, space and energy. Loaded with choices for each individual chef’s needs, the JIPA range of multifunctional cookers offers a wide range of models, multiple language options, ultra-controllable heat and the ability to create, modify and save recipes.

In addition, the JIPA range of multifunctional cookers gives the professional cook the ultimate in flexibility by replacing many traditional methods of cooking into one device, all controlled from an easy to use, intuitive 12” touch screen panel.



Each cooker comes with numerous cooking modes, including boiling, simmering, shallow and deep frying, braising, low temperature cooking, searing, confit, sous-vide at temperatures between 30-250° and the ability to preheat to 180°C in just three minutes.  All cookers sport automatic basket lifting, automatic and manual preparation modes, 800 programme memory and accurate sensory temperature measurement with indication of set and actual values.


bespoke design

Elements that have been built into the JIPA range of multifunctional cookers with the chef in mind include central connectivity of water and electricity from the wall or floor, positioning of the control panel to the left or right hand side, excess steam exhaust through the chimney in the centre of the lid, multipoint temperature probe holder, liquid quantity gauge and even temperature distribution for precise performance.

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