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cooking suite innovation

Exclusive Ranges are proud to partner with MENU SYSTEM AG as the market leader for professional induction cooking.

Together we bring industry leading technology, with swiss precision engineering, for the best bespoke build cookers in the world. 

Precision Control

NEW Turn & Push operation means keeping food warm and controlling the temperature the pinnacle of pinpoint perfection. 

Absolute Consistency

Blueline induction represents the latest in energy management. Save costs, manage kitchen ambience & cut carbon emissions. 

Superior Technology

The induction base allows for zero limits in performance, even when operating at maximum capacity. 


to your kitchen

You choose your technology and your cooker spec, to be built to meet the needs of your kitchen. 


Induction Hob

Consistent heat, evenly delivered, every time

induction wok

Induction wok

Versatile, built in induction tech for Asian and contemporary European food.

Griddle Plates

Superior results, incomporable grilling ability, degree perfect temps.


Energy-efficient kitchen flexibility with induction-led technology

Deep Fat Fryer

Your fryer of choice, custom embedded into our MENU SYSTEM cook suite


Preserve heat, with no loss of moisture, for precision results


Large chamber oven with top and bottom heating

gas hob

Gas Hob

For the chef who isn't ready to give up the flame, gas is still an option

infrared hobs

Infrared Hobs

Varied heat hobs for ultimate flexibililty.


ultimate flexibility

With induction technology and a spec comparable to our built-in ranges, our free standing units offer absolute versatility to the commercial kitchen. 


Induction Hob

Consistent heat, evenly delivered, every time


Griddle Pan

Superior frying, induction technology, portable results.



multi-award winning, plu-and-play variable induction technology for the chef-on-the-go

Induction wok

Versatile, built in induction tech for Asian and contemporary European food.

The serious choice

for ambitious kitchens

Multi-award winning, loved by Michelin-starred chefs and chosen by the best. 

Bespoke to You

YOUR Cooker Build, done YOUR Way on YOUR terms backed up with Exclusive Ranges incomparable service, installation and guarantees. 

Davis Brooks Suite

Chefs Choice

When your clients include The Ritz, La Gavroche and the very best restaurants in the world, you can trust the quality of the induction cooker you’re choosing

Award Winning

Multi-award winning across the board. 

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