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Le Gavroche

Michel Roux Junior had been using a bespoke built, traditional gas-heated range at Le Gavroche for 20 years and he decided it was time to make a change, leading the charge for a primarily induction operated cooker.

This involved a major refurbishment, including total floor and wall replacement, and was as much about improving the working environment as it was about introducing more modern cooking methods.

It was vital that certain items of equipment were retained as they were critical to the operation such as the 20-year-old Rorgue Salamander used to finish the classic Roux soufflé.

Le Gavroche, London
Project Type:
Menu System Induction Cooker


The Menu System range that has been designed for Le Gavroche is fully integrated with other items of equipment such as refrigerators and combination ovens enabling multi-functional cooking.

It has modernised the way in which the kitchen operates and reduced the amount of pan work. The desire of Michel to retain the classic feel of the kitchen has been achieved using modern appliances, meaning he can produce Le Gavroche cuisine in a 21st Century environment.

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