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The Woodspeen

John Campbell is a chef with exacting standards and renowned for his analytical approach. He chose a Menu System range after Exclusive Ranges took him to the Swiss factory so he could get under the skin of the technology and fully understand the benefits of induction. The project was executed in conjunction with Baxter Storey and Gratte Brothers. The brief was simply to install a cooker that would be visible through the pass, so had to be clean, tidy, quiet, cool and powerful. It had to deliver on all aspects of operation from cooking to refrigeration to precision hot food holding and had to be capable of low temperature cooking. As well as all this, the space behind the pass was limited.

The Woodspeen, Newbury
Project Type:
Menu System Induction Cooker


Just one year after opening, John picked up a Michelin star at the Woodspeen such is the tenacity of his precision.  He has a range that performs at all levels, with a planche and sous vide cooker and with these appliances alongside the multifunctional inductions hobs, the operation exceeds all expectations on performance and quality.  To maximise the space in the base of the cooker Menu System built all of the induction generators and electrical installation remotely, into a dead corner of the kitchen.

The Woodspeen cooker
The Woodspeen cooker
The Woodspeen cooker
The Woodspeen cooker

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