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by Salvis AG

Exclusive Ranges are proud to partner with Salvis AG as the market leader for swiss made grilling and warming technology. 

The Salvis Salamander for professional kitchen offers a stable hot plate and a continuously height-adjustable heating reflector for precise temperature adjustment.

Every model in our series has a timer and switches off automatically.

Suitable for both consumer and large scale development kitchens.  


Plate recognition on classic models


Salvis’ technology enables efficient production with minimum energy consumption


The handlebar remains cold at all times


and quick

The Salamander fit into any kitchen thanks to their versatile mounting options.


Due to its compact exterior dimensions, it can be used in many areas, and can even be integrated into the ceiling hood.

classic pro

The Salvis-Classic pro will always achieve you constant results, as the device will automatically switch off after the desired gratination time. This could be with the mechanical or electronic timer.


The Salamander Salvis-Vitesse can be remodelled into a wall, table or ceiling mounted model. With four sided entry, Vitesse can be used in any designer kitchen, show kitchen or in the front cooking area.

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