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the michelin starred choice

Exclusive Ranges are proud to partner with Rorgue Ranges as the most prestigious professional kitchen range in the world.

Together we bring entirely bespoke kitchens, made with unrivalled craftsmanship. 

Your kitchen can rely on  proven techniques and incomparably high quality materials to ensure years of durability.



Built to be completely unique to you and the needs of your kitchen.


Chosen by Michelin starred kitchens across the globe for their reliability and quality


We can incorporate some of the latest technologies into your range


to your kitchen

You choose your technology and your cooker spec, to be built to meet the needs of your kitchen. 


Planchas can be smooth or ribbed (grooved), or part smooth/ part ribbed depending on your needs.

Induction Hob

Consistent heat, evenly delivered, every time. Range of manufacturer options available

Griddle Plates

Simple or double basket, electrical or gas, several power levels and formats are available for our custom-made ranges.


We can install almost anything on a Rorgue, so do not hesitate to consult us for more dinformations on their characteristics.

Colour finishes

Customised to the look and feel of your kitchen.



Ovens running on different power sources can equip our custom-made ranges: electric ovens or gas ovens with an inverted airflow system (natural heat circulation system, for a more homgeneous cooking).



Manage practicality and hygiene in your kitchen, with our salamanders, which are available in different power levels and formats.

Pasta Cookers

Different power levels and formats can equip our custom-made ranges.



Available in cast iron, chromium plated, or with lava stone. Different power levels and formats can equip our custom-made stoves.

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